King Conrod Bearing Shell BMW M20, M50, M52, M54, S50US and S52US

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  • At King Racing we met the challenge with the XP high performance bearings series. The XP series is a line of bearings with advanced metallurgical and geometric technologies that meet extreme performance loads.
  • It was developed for all performance applications that use forged steel aftermarket crankshafts and produce high loads for extended periods.
  • King Racings XP series features pMax Black a unique tri-metal structure that is 24% harder than any other conventional tri-metal race bearing. pMax Black together with the XP geometric features are the ideal combination for performance racing.
  • King Racings pMaxKote XPC series is King’s new pMaxKote™ nano-composite polymer coating. It is applied over the pMaxBlack™ overlay at the King factory as part of the bearing manufacturing process. It enhances wear resistance without changing the bearing’s original precision wall thickness dimension.

    King’s pMaxKote™ is a new approach to coated bearings. It has proven to protect bearings during metal-to-metal contact, as well as from the erosive effects of cavitation. It contains ceramic nano-composite particles that function as a fourth layer that provides superior build protection.

    pMaxKote™ enhances the following benefits of King XP race bearings:

    • Superior seizure resistance

    • Superior cavitation resistance

    • Superior wear resistance

    • Superior protection against oil starvation



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