Supertech Exhaust valvekit M20B25

€ 359,50

Supertech perfomance uitlaatklep met Black Nitride coating of Inconel. Te verkrijgen in standaardmaat én +1mm. 

Wij kunnen montage en aanpassing klepzittingen voorzien. 

Klepborgringen ook bij te bestellen.


Info Black Nitride coating: 

Supertech manufacture racing valves using only the highest quality materials available. Supertech have spent
countless hours studying these different materials as well as your applications to create just the
right valve. Because of thermal fatigue the proper choice of material will greatly determine the valve
performance and reliability. Supertech relentlessly tests new materials to provide valves with
unsurpassed fatigue resistance. Below you will find a list of materials that we use in the production
of our valves.
• The micro hardness is higher than the stainless steel base material
• Good ductility beneath the hard nitrided layer (micro hardness is 8000HV minimum)
• Surface finish is smoother than with chromed stems
• Less friction between stem and guide
• Harder valve seat surface, lasting longer with lead free fuels, alcohols, nitro or other
“explosive” mixes
• Matches any kind of seats (nodular iron, steel powder metal, hard aluminum-copper or
be ryllium copper)
• Less valve guide friction = reduced power loss
• Nitride layer is adhered to the base material at a microscope level, so it will not “flake” or
• Nitride is applied to the whole valve while the chrome coating is only applied to the stem
• All valves are swirl polished, have stem undercuts, a hardened tip and more


Inconel versie:

Supertech sodium filled valves made of Inconel/Nimonic alloy offer a
significant reduction in valve head temperatures that are required for
today’s modern turbo engines.
A cooler valve improves the material strength and durability while
allowing the tuner more flexibility and a wider range of spark timing
advances. Combine that with an average weight reduction of 10%
and there isn’t a cooler valve on the market